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Name: Susannah
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Location: Lexington, Kentucky - United States
Height: 5ft 8in
Body Type: Thin
Dating Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
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Political Affiliation: Democrat
College: University of Kentucky
Sexual Persona: Mind of a Porn Director
Looking For: Whatever happens, happens!
Religion: Christian
About miss_susannah
I put my cell number in the text thing but for some reason it says I haven't entered a number so feel free to IM me anytime, and if I'm not there, leave a message!

I don't pretend to be retro, ghetto, or emo. So if that's what you're looking for...keep on truckin' partner. The clothes I wear don't make me who I am, nor does the music I listen to, or the people I hang out with. I am who I am. Get over it. I'm hoping to meet some kick arse people who don't take life too seriously. People with an open mind, a forgiving heart, and a sarcastic sense of humor. Oh...and knowing how to rock it hard helps as well.
What miss_susannah is Here For
I'm extremely open-minded in this department and if you think you could be a breath of fresh air for me then why not try?
miss_susannah's Profile Posts
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OMGA_ur_HAWT Aug 06, 2006 - 04:50 PM
if a racecar passes you its all like NEEEEYYYYYUUUURRRRRR and then its gone
Shea Rea77 Jul 17, 2006 - 02:26 AM
aw your so cute. ten! =]
OMGA_ur_HAWT Jun 19, 2006 - 06:57 PM
k so I pretty much have a crush on your face
videeeoo Jun 06, 2006 - 12:26 PM
No Photo
sexy as always..... another 10 for you!
PSUchick757 May 06, 2006 - 04:52 PM
Just another 10 because you're so pretty!
kaycee Apr 15, 2006 - 03:56 PM
No Photo
aww haha you own my fucking life
see you later tonight! lovesss
big CRON Apr 04, 2006 - 11:58 AM
No Photo
videeeoo Mar 28, 2006 - 11:50 PM
No Photo
where are you?? im miss you ! haha
byob2 Mar 27, 2006 - 07:26 PM
No Photo
hey, i tired txt'ing you but you never got back to me
em0tionsunkn0wn Feb 24, 2006 - 08:26 PM
No Photo
hi sweeite
em0tionsunkn0wn Feb 24, 2006 - 04:45 PM
No Photo
hey u
xann Feb 18, 2006 - 04:09 PM
No Photo
baby we can do it 2nite. ;D haha when are you ever off away on your aim? tried to message you several times.
consumeME Feb 15, 2006 - 12:44 PM
No Photo
added a 10 to your never ending 10s.. truly gorgeous. hi.
big CRON Feb 08, 2006 - 04:55 PM
No Photo
10 for being so damn busy!!!!! and look good doing it.

just wanted to see how things were going.

big CRON
em0tionsunkn0wn Feb 07, 2006 - 09:09 PM
No Photo
good u?
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