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The History of GotPix

What We're All About

GotPix.com has a rather lengthy history. At our core, we are an online social community site with an emphasis on photo sharing as a key feature. However one could also view us as a Rating, Personals or even a Dating Site since we have features that cover those as well. In other words, we're not the kind of site (one many know, cough cough) that is going to slap our users hands for attempting to network with other users they don't know! That's not what we're about here... We truely believe in making connections whether those be for a mutual interest, business endeavour or a love interest, it's really up to you. We won't hold you back!

The Turbulent History of a Social Community

We first launched GotPix or "GotPix 1.0" in November, 2002 that was more of a Beta in concept as well as to gauge user interest in our concept and what we had to offer. Designed to be more of a "local hotspot" rather than a International Online Community, the site took off and grew in popularity for several months but due to technical errors, the Beta site was taken down in February, 2003. So nearly 6-9 months later, the new GotPix or "GotPix 2.0" began design and development and when half of the planned features were finished, the site was re launched on June 25, 2004. We continued to add new features as our member base grew and even catered to Musicians but due to further technical issues that version 2.0 had, we lost a lot of steam and eventually had to pause development.

GotPix 3.0 Development officially began in December, 2008 in an off again and on again fashion for another 2 or so years. We then decided to do a slight rebranding and went with GotPix Version 3 and planned on launching the new site in Beta format which would allow us to do rapid deployments based upon user defined metrics. GotPix Version 3 "Beta" officially launched on September 21, 2013.

Looking Ahead

GotPix.com and it's Staff of dedicated Site Admins and Site Moderators believe in it's long term success and have set very high goals and standards. In the coming months to year, you'll see GotPix grow exponentially in size and features. If you're interested in becoming a GP Moderator or help in any other way with the site, please contact David.

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